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WASHINGTON TECHNOLOGY UNIVERSITY was incorporated in the State of Washington in March 2017.

At that time, the founders recognized that the State of Washington has a grand array of both public and private colleges and universities. Indeed, Washington rated high in access to postsecondary education. This was primarily because of the extensive availability of the community and technical colleges in the State. These schools, which provide education up to the associate’s degree level, served over 200,000 students in the Seattle/Tacoma Metropolitan area, and thousands more statewide. Surprisingly, however, the State of Washington ranked quite low in access to bachelor education, which meant that it is difficult for associate degree recipients to transfer to complete their bachelor's degrees. Bachelor’s degree access was most constrained in the greater Seattle/Tacoma Metropolitan region where there was only one public 4-year university—even with the start in 1990 of its two branch campuses—and the various Bachelor continuation programs of other public and private universities. And this was even more limited for the technology programs needed by the many businesses in the community, particularly those on the Eastside. Thus, providing new, innovative, reasonably priced, and timely degree completion technology Bachelor degree programs was highly needed.

A complete Application for Degree-Granting Authority for the initial degree program—a Bachelor of Science in Information Security—was submitted in early May 2017 to the Washington State Student Achievement Council, as required by Washington State law. On October 23, 2017 WTU was notified by the Washington Student Achievement Council that it was authorized to offer the Bachelor of Science in Information Security in the State of Washington in accordance with Washington State Law, The Degree-Granting Institutions Act.

WTU welcomed its first cohort on January 8, 2018, and graduated its first cohort 18 months later in June 2019.