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Cyber Security Certificate

What You'll Learn

  • Learn the history of hacking, hacker culture, and the ethical ramifications of hacking including social engineering
  • Recognize how attackers target vulnerable systems and the methods they use to exploit their weaknesses
  • Learn the tools and techniques used by hackers to test and penetrate computers and networks
  • Review common computer and network security vulnerabilities and common attack vectors
  • Learn techniques for detecting and minimizing the effects of common cyber-attacks
  • Explore tools and techniques used to find, follow, and extract digital markers from computer and networking devices used in cybercrimes


INSE 415 Computer and Network Security
INSE 425 Computer and Network Forensics
INSE 435 Hacker Tools and Techniques
INSE 400 Fundamentals of Information Security

Who Should Attend?

This certificate is designed for anyone interested in learning the tools and techniques used by hackers to test, penetrate, and exploit modern computers and network systems. Security professionals will find this certificate useful to expand their existing knowledge and those new to information security will learn the basics of hacker tactics and defensive strategies.

Must be admitted as a WTU non-degree seeking student.
Complete four undergraduate courses (20 credits) with a C (2.0) or better.