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Bachelor of Arts

180 Credits


The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration program at Washington Technology University has been designed to prepare students for the work of business administration within a variety of professional contexts, including technology-related entrepreneurial organizations. The program aims to develop in students the specific skills and knowledge required to carry out the regular, ongoing work of business, for example, skills associated with information systems, communications, accounting, quantitative reasoning, marketing, teamwork, negotiation and conflict resolution, and human resource development. Further to this, the program addresses the more philosophical, conceptual understandings associated with business administration, including organizational behavior, economics, entrepreneurship, leadership, and ethics.

Program Outcomes

  • Identify the theories, principles, and concepts related to business
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills in accounting, economics, leadership, and communications
  • Apply knowledge and skills to resolve team and organizational conflicts
  • Develop solutions using quantitative techniques
  • Identify personal and professional ethical standards by which to conduct business
  • Work effectively in teams to achieve organizational objectives

Program Requirements

General Education Courses (45 credits) Pre-Requisites
ENGL 101 English Composition (5)
MATH 141 Pre-Calculus I (5)
PHIL 160 Philosophy of Science (5)
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology (5)
CMST 220 Foundations of Pubic Speaking (5)
SOC 275 Technology and Society (5)
BUSN 101 Introduction to Business and Management (5)
PHYS 110 Science of Information Technology (5)
CPSC 250 Programming Fundamentals (5)
Pre-Major Preparatory Courses (45 credits) Pre-Requisites
MATH 148 Business Calculus (5)
MATH 146 Introduction to Statistics (5)
ENGL 230 Technical Writing (5)
ECON 201 Microeconomics (5)
ECON 202 Macroeconomics (5)
ACCT 201 Principles of Accounting I (5)
ACCT 202 Principles of Accounting II (5) ACCT 201
ACCT 203 Principles of Accounting III (5) ACCT 202
BUSN 201 Business Law (5)
Core Courses (45 credits) Pre-Requisites
INSE 300 Legal and Ethical Issues in Info Systems (5) All Pre-Major Prep Courses
INSE 335 Project Management (5) All Pre-Major Prep Courses
CPSC 310 Database Management Systems (5) All Pre-Major Prep Courses
ECON 300 Managerial Economics (5) All Pre-Major Prep Courses
MRKT 300 Principles of Marketing (5) All Pre-Major Prep Courses
MNGT 310 Organizational Behavior (5) All Pre-Major Prep Courses
MNGT 400 Management Finance (5) All Pre-Major Prep Courses
BUSN 320 Introduction to Information Systems (5) All Pre-Major Prep Courses
BUSN 405 Introduction to Operations Management (5) All Pre-Major Prep Courses
Concentration Courses (40 credits)  Pre-Requisites
MNGT 320 Leadership and Communications (5) All Core Courses
MNGT 330 Human Resources Management (5) All Core Courses
BUSN 400 Technology Entrepreneurship (5) All Core Courses
BUSN 410 Performance Management (5) All Core Courses
BUSN 415 Managing and Developing Teams (5) All Core Courses
INSE 420 Business Consulting (5) All Core Courses
INSE 425 Negotiations and Conflict Management (5) All Core Courses
INSE 430 Managing Innovation (5) All Core Courses
Capstone Requirement (5 credits)  Pre-Requisites
BUSN 495 Capstone Project (5) All courses in program