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Do you ever wonder how cyber attacks are carried out? This Information Week article provides insight into how a hacker successfully obtains information and uses the vulnerabilities of the internet of things (IoT) to their advantage. 

Website: Information Week - Anatomy of an Attack on the Industrial IoT

Daniel Howley, Technology Editor at Yahoo Finance reports that more than one half of the adult internet population in the U.S., or roughly 143 million people, were hit by some form of malware, virus, spyware or phishing scam in the past year.

Website: Yahoo News - Consumers lost $19.4 billion to cybercriminals in 2017

The nature of cyber security attacks has changed. Today, well-trained cyber attackers are hired in numbers to hacking organizations that can execute a security breach with ease.  It is important to learn how to develop a cyber security incident response plan to combat these hackers. 

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As is the case in other tech professions, women are outnumbered by their male co-workers in the cybersecurity field. Efforts are being made to dispel stereotypes about cybersecurity careers and educate young girls and women about the profession.  

Website: Information Week - How to Attract More Women into Cybersecurity - Now