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Tuition and Fees

WTU is known for delivering a first class education that is surprsingly affordable.

More than 80% of students at Washington Technology University recieve finanial aid of some type. The university makes available various merit- and needs-based scholarhips which, alongside loans and the low starting cost, make WTU an economical choice. Don't assume a private education is out of reach, talk to us about your options.

Direct Costs
Application Fee $50/one-time fee
A 5-credit course is $1,250 before scholarships.
A typical 18-month Bachelor's Degree completion program is $22,500 before scholarships.
$250/credit hour
Materials Fee
Covers all online textbooks and a comprehensive electronic library.
Lab Fee
This only applies to courses that include a lab.
For example, the B.S. Info Security program has 6 labs.

Payment Options

Following WTU's 'One-course-at-a-time' schedule, students complete a single course each month. Tuition and fees are billed monthly and are due the first day of each course.